RAC-Bulletins@eton.ca is CLOSED

Updated on 2021-01-16

Les bulletins de RAC par courrier électronique sont aussi disponibles en français.
Veuillez consulter ici pour apprendre comment vous abonner.

What were RAC-Bulletins@eton.ca?

RAC used an email robot supplied by Eton Systems and run by Neil VE3PUE to broadcast official bulletins from RAC HQ by email to a list of Bulletin subscribers. Started in December 2005, this service was closed at the end of December 2020 - a 15 year run!

As of January 2021, RAC only sends out bulletins using the "Mailchimp Marketing Platform". You can sign up to the new platform on the RAC website at:

To get off the RAC-Bulletins@eton.ca list ...

DO NOTHING!  The robot has been deactivated and the mailing list has been removed.

To get information ...

... about the RAC-Bulletins@eton.ca robot, use this form