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How to use this form:

  1. If you want to correct an existing event (even a past one), first go to the details page for the event. A button below the listing allows you to "resubmit" the event. This does not alter the existing event - it creates a new one with the same basic info.
  2. You CANNOT EDIT the data after it is submitted - so make sure it is correct BEFORE pressing "submit".
  3. When you press the "submit" button below, this data is sent to the RAC online event database co-ordinator. It may take a few days for approval. Please do NOT resubmit the event.
  4. Your email address will NOT appear in the listing (unless you put it in the "email info" field).
  5. As soon as the RAC online event database co-ordinator has a chance to look at your entry, he will send you a confirmation or rejection. It may take a few days for approval. Please do NOT resubmit the event.

Reasons your posting may be rejected:

  1. You must always set the start and end dates, even when resubmitting an existing event.
  2. Only amateur-radio-related events will be posted. Yard sales or general fleamarkets will be rejected.
  3. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. Entries with all caps will be rejected.
  4. If your email address is wrong or fake, or if your spam filter rejects our confirmation email, your entry will NOT be posted. Make sure you get your address correct AND that it will accept mail. Systems using challenge-response will be treated as though they were bad addresses.
  5. If you are posting a correction to an existing event, you must include ALL the details, not just the changes. The correction is used to completely replace the existing posting. Partial postings will be rejected.
  6. If you supply a website URL, it MUST BE fully qualified or it will not work. This means it MUST include the https:// designator at the start. Incomplete URLs will be rejected.
  7. If you supply an "Email info" address, put ONE EMAIL ADDRESS ONLY in the field or it will not work properly.

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