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Durham Hamfest

Sponsor: North Shore ARC and South Pickering ARC
Start date: Saturday, April 22, 2023
End date: Saturday, April 22, 2023
Closest town: Pickering, ON
Directions to location: Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex
(same place as before but with a new name)
1867 Valley Farm Road South
Pickering, ON, L1V 6K7
Opening times: 9:00am to Noon
Cost: TBD - see website for updates
Talk-in frequency: VE3SPA - 147.375+ tone = 103.5
Description: WE'RE BACK! Well, COVID kicked us in unmentionable places the last three years but, as long as there are not any government restrictions put on us again, we will be back in operation this year. So, cancel your vacation plans, post pone your wedding anniversaries, and plan to attend the Durham Hamfest!

As usual we hope to have a good mix of retail vendors tempting us with special deals, manufacturers showing off their latest toys that we just have to have and fellow Amateurs selling off precious treasures for you to now enjoy. Of course, we will be serving up FREE (now that is a magical word for Amateurs) coffee and will have some light snack items available for sale as well.

Now, going to a Hamfest brings a lot of joy into ones life but a few fortunate attendees will go home even a bit more happier. We hope to have some good door prize items that we will start to raffle off at 10am. There is only one stipulation and that is that you do need to be present to take home one of these items.

Speaking of winning, should you overspend and need an out with the significant other we will be selling "certificates" that show that you "won" that over-priced item you are dragging home. The cost of the certificate will be in direct correlation to the peril you may face at home! OK, so we are just joking about this one but we are just so giddy that we are having a Hamfest again that we can't help ourselves! :-)

We have not finalized the admission fee for this year but with the cost of just about everything going through the roof the last few years we have not gone unaffected. We are doing everything we can to minimize the affects of inflation and if we do have an increase we will try to keep that increase to around the price of a cup of coffee...and we are not talking about those fancy coffees that take 27 words to order. :-) We should have a final number up on our website by early February.
For more info: Please feel free to contact the Hamfest Chair at the email address listed here and check our website for updates especially close to the event.

If you are wanting to rent a table, or tables, please use the same email address and I will put you in contact with our table sales specialist.
Email contact:
Date updated: 2023-01-26 11:46:48
Author: Laird Solomon, VE3LKS, Durham Hamfest Chair

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