When you edit a page, the screen looks like this:

The top line tells you that you are editing a page in the Main group called HomePage.

The next line down has four long buttons:

  • Save - which saves your edits and displays the new page
  • Save and Edit - which saves your edits and allows you to continue editing the new page
  • Preview - which shows you a preview of the new page (but does not save it)
  • Cancel - which discards all of your unsaved edits and takes you back to the original page

On the same line, a text box appears for your Author name. Your author name may be automatically filled in.

The next line has a whole series of small editing buttons which you use to apply styles to the text in the edit box below the buttons. If you hover your mouse above a button, a small tool tip will appear, telling you the name or function of the button.

Below the edit box is a text entry box where you can summarize the edits you have made. Tick the checkbox labelled This is a minor edit if you are only correcting a spelling mistake.

Editing is non-destructive

Be fearless when editing! When you save your edits to a page, the Wiki instantly reflects your changes and all other users will see the page as you have changed it. However, all previous version of the page are kept by the Wiki, and you (or any other author) can restore any previous version if required. This Wiki is set to retain all versions of a page for 10 years.

Page last modified on May 17, 2006, at 03:11 PM