At the bottom of some pages, there is a list of the files attached to the page. You can click on the link that says Attach Another File or you can use the Attach a File button that appears in both the top and bottom menus.

When you click the link to attach a file, the screen looks like this:

The top line indicates that the file you upload will be available as an attachment for the main group. Notice that the page name is underlined because it is a hot link that will take you back to the original page without performing the upload!

The next line down has a browse button that lets you select the file to attach from your hard drive. In the next box down, you can enter a new name for the file (attachment) that will be used on the Wiki. (See file names below!)

When you click the upload button, the file is transferred.

Below the horizontal line is a list of all of the files that have been attached to this group.

Important note about file name extensions

The Wiki uses the extension of the file (.doc, .pdf, etc) to determine if it is a legal file type. Make sure that the extension appears in the file to upload box. If you rename the file, be sure to end the file with the proper extension in the name attachment as box.

Uploading is non-destructive

Be fearless when uploading! The Wiki will not allow you to overwrite an existing attachment.

Possible problems

The Wiki may reject your attachment if:

  • it does not recognize the file type extension
  • the file is too large (current limit is just over 25 megs)
  • the upload takes too long (current limit is 5 minutes)

If you have any upload problems, please let NeilHerber know right away by using the contact form

Page last modified on May 17, 2006, at 07:42 PM