Summer Jazz Workshop

Our choir paused over the summer but it was replaced by a summer jazz session. Jan decided to take the summer off, but Neil signed up for jazz and really enjoyed it. It was a group of 24 and the sounds are wonderful. To listen to them, go to!AtcWLN88taHChHGK3qcnO4DK869Q

World Singing Day

The regular choir started up again in the fall and one song, “Here Comes the Sun”, made it to the mash up for World Singing Day ( October. The 2021 World Singing Day video is here:

Our choir (VOX) is identified at minute 2:40, although Neil and Jan do not appear in the short video section for our choir. Rest assured, though, that our voices are in the audio that accompanies it.

VOX Choir

Our choir videos can be found at

Neil and Jan start off the “Thousand Years” video with our dance in the forget-me-nots.

Lee Shanty

Neil wrote most of the lyrics (Jan helped a little), while Jan did the arrangement based on the Wellerman sea shanty using an application called MuseScore. We recruited about 60 of our choir singers for the four-part harmony and we had a couple of rehearsals via zoom. Rob, our guitar player from Cuba, combined the audio and assembled a video of birthday wishes from all the singers, in a variety of languages. The link:

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