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Eton Systems works with ou to identify and capture knowledge within your organization. In many cases, this requires detailed interviews with subject matter experts. Our excellent "people skills" ensure that this process is pleasant and rewarding for all parties.

Once we begin to gather the components of your "corporate memory", we organize and distill it into manageable modules, ready to share. The resulting packages can include a wide variety of components: software user's guides, engineering reference handbooks, data sheets and related collateral, lesson plans and course manuals, website and wiki content, audio sessions (podcasts), videos, and full multimedia presentations.

Many of our customers have in-house knowledge management capabilities. We help them leverage their investment by providing consulting services for specific tasks carried out on behalf of the in-house team.

We also provide general consulting services to help clients select approriate hardware and software solutions.

We leverage the power of the web by providing electronic delivery of our services. Where data volumes make web delivery impractical, we can produce standards-compliant DVDs for both video and data.

We don't try to do everything, but we do try to provide you with any service you may need through our network of associates. We can either subcontract the expertise you need, or put you directly in touch with the expert.

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