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An apology for vagueness

Due to the confidential nature of much our work, some of the following project descriptions do not mention specific clients. We would be glad to provide any additional information you require, as long as it respects the intellectual property rights of our clients.

Note: The inclusion of a client's name on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by the client. Products names mentioned on this page are recognized and acknowledged as registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Factory floor procedure documentation

The client: A precision glass component manufacturer

The challenge: Our client manufactures precision glass components using proprietary techniques that have been developed in-house. All of these techniques and processes are taught to new employees using on-the-job training. Our client is worried that if a skilled employee leaves or is ill for an extended period, both production and training will be adversely affected.

Our solution: In factory floor knowledge gathering sessions, we interviewed employees, photographed various process steps, and collected as much existing documentation as we could find. We produced a series of fully-illustrated step-by-step procedure manuals.

The result: Our client was so pleased with our factory floor knowledge gathering efforts, they contracted us to document their business processes in marketing and product development.

Automated phone dialer evaluation

The client: A law-enforcement agency

The challenge: Our client was using a distributed automated phone dialing system as a means of passing messages to community groups. This system had been developed in-house and had no training material for users. Our client was planning to replace the system but was unsure of the features required in the replacement.

Our solution: We examined the existing hardware and software to see if it was up-to-date and usable. We provided our client with a detailed report indicating many of the shortcomings of the existing system and suggesting off-the-shelf alternatives as replacements. We also generated a "fix list" - items which could be amended on the current system to improve its reliability and usability. Because the replacement would not be in place for several years, we created a user's manual for the system and delivered several half-day training courses to users.

The result: Our client was able to use our report to plan for the eventual replacement of this system. In the interim, the training courses and users manuals allowed them to continue using the current system.

Corporate backup strategy

The clients: Several

The challenge: Many small organizations do not have an adequate backup strategy. As a result, they are at risk of losing much of their intellectual property.

Our solution: We perform a site survey that itemizes the hardware assets, network topology, firewalls and access restrictions, and available backup solutions. We provide a set of recommendations indicating risk weight, cost, and proposed timeline for implementation.

The result: For some clients we have provided a complete hardware and software solution for backup. Others choose to implement our recommendations on their own.

Course redevelopment

The client: Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

The challenge: The CNSC had a 150-page course manual entitled An Introduction to Nuclear Theory with a companion self-paced learning multimedia presentation. Student feedback indicated that the course material was, in fact, too advanced for some.

Our solution: Based on the existing manual and multimedia presentation materials, and in consultation with CNSC nuclear physicists, we rewrote the course manual for a more general audience.

The result: The highly technical material is now accessible to a greater spectrum of CNSC employees.

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