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Neil Herber

Neil Herber is the president of Eton Systems, a company he founded in 1983.

Neil began university in McGill Engineering, transferred to Engineering at Carleton, and then transferred to the new School of Architecture when it opened at Carleton. He was hired by Carleton as a lab assistant in the School of Architecture computer graphics lab. He wrote software for computer-aided design that ran on a Xerox Data Systems Sigma 7 mainframe and drove graphics terminals in the lab. He eventually received a degree in Integrated Sciences.

In the non-university world he worked for various high-tech companies in positions ranging from programmer to vice president.

He started with Digital Methods Limited (DML) which later became the Advanced Technology division of Canada Systems Group. While there, he worked on real-time control, communication, and automation systems. He was a marketing representative for the automated vehicle dispatch system developed by DML that was first installed on the BlueLine taxi fleet in Ottawa.

He was vice president, operations for Qupro Data Systems Ltd., a company that developed the control firmware for the microcomputer-based video terminals produced by Volker-Craig in Waterloo, Ontario.

He was a manager in the technical consulting group of SHL Systemhouse Inc. just prior to starting Eton Systems.

He was an invited speaker and panelist at five MacWorld Expos - one in Toronto and four in San Francisco.

Neil presented two papers on training methodologies at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Symposia on International Safeguards in Vienna, Austria in October 2001 and September 2006. He presented six papers on knowledge capture and sharing methodologies at the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) Annual Meetings from 2004 to 2009.

Neil has particular expertise in the areas of user interface design and technical training. Clients retain him to work on projects concerned with the preservation and transmission of corporate memory.

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