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Eton Systems was founded in 1983 to provide computer consulting services to clients in the high-tech sector. In our first 3 years in business, we developed 18 computer courses on packaged software for personal computers and delivered them across Canada. We also developed several customized database projects using dBASE.

As demand grew for our writing services, and as desktop publishing became a reality, we changed our focus. For over a decade, Eton Systems created, wrote, edited, and published technical reference and marketing material. We have produced a wide range of printed pieces and electronic documents, from 6-color single-page ad inserts to 900+ page textbooks. The digital portfolio gives you quick thumbnail sketches of several projects.

More recently, clients have retained us to work on projects concerned with the preservation and transmission of corporate memory. These projects involve an exciting mix of technology and personal skills.

Our client list includes many prestigious names. We have been pleased to be able to serve all of our clients.

We have always provided documents electronically, and web publishing has been a natural outgrowth of our core business.

Eton Systems is based in Nepean, Ontario, Canada, next to the nation's capital, Ottawa. Because of the concentration of high-tech companies in the region, it is sometimes referred to as "Silicon Valley North". Eton Systems is a privately held company incorporated in Canada.

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