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Alphabetical client list

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Note: The inclusion of a client's name on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by the client. Products names mentioned on this page are recognized and acknowledged as registered trademarks of their respective holders.

The list below gives the client's name and short description of some of the work done for that client (if available). Some of the client names are hotlinked to their web sites. This is a cumulative historical list - at any given time we typically are working on several projects.

  • Agência Brasileiro-Argentina de Contabilidade e Controle de Materiais Nucleares (ABACC - Brazilian–Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials) (course development, course delivery)
  • Air Force Association of Canada (networking Macs and PCs, router and firewall installation)
  • Animatics Multimedia Corp., Ottawa (initial CD-ROMs for "Midnight Stranger"
  • AAI Canada, Inc., Kanata (formerly: Applied AI Systems, Inc.)
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (formerly: Atomic Energy Control Board of Canada), Ottawa (technical writing, editing, course development, course delivery)
  • Aviation Quarterly, Ottawa
  • Bob Ketchen Industrial Design, Toronto
  • Bot Engineering, Toronto
  • Brougham Specialty Advertising, Ottawa
  • Business Forms Management Association, Ottawa (developed and delivered courses)
  • Canada Post Corporation, Ottawa
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Ottawa (feasibility study for systems integration)
  • Canadian Heart Foundation, Ottawa (feasibility study for database design)
  • The Canadian Wood Council, Ottawa (writing, editing, and publishing reference texts, ads, magazine articles)
  • Canuck Publications, Ottawa
  • Central-One Security, Kanata
  • C.L. Lees + Associates, Kanata
  • Charlton + Company Design Group, Ottawa
  • Commissioner of Official Languages, Ottawa
  • Consulting and Audit Canada (formerly: Bureau of Management Consulting), Ottawa
  • COREL Systems Corporation, Ottawa (copywriting for ads, brochures, and annual report)
  • Demtek Training Centers, Ottawa (created and delivered courses)
  • D.J. Films, Ottawa (initial CD-ROMs for multimedia works)
  • Eiko Emori Inc., Ottawa
  • Express Designs, Stittsville
  • Flaman Partners Management Consultants, Ottawa
  • Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa (initial CD-ROMs for multimedia works)
  • GeV/c Operational Research Group, Ottawa (initial CD-ROMs for multimedia works)
  • Goldfish Communications, Ottawa (technical consulting - server and firewall installation)
  • Gordon Creative Group, Ottawa
  • Graphic Partners, Ottawa
  • Inside Image Inc., Vanier
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna (collaborative software development, course delivery)
  • Kodak Canada Inc. Montreal (sales tracking database)
  • Maruska Studios, Ottawa
  • Mazinaw On-Line Information Access Inc. (technical consulting - web, mail, and FTP server setup)
  • Media Direction, Nepean (initial CD-ROMs for multimedia works)
  • Microstar Software Ltd., Nepean (acquired by Open Text Corporation) (software manuals)
  • NCI Navatar Canada Inc, Ottawa (website development and maintenance)
  • Newbridge Microsystems, Kanata (hardware installation manuals)
  • Nice Guys Creative Inc., Toronto
  • Norland Science and Engineering Ltd., Ottawa (digital image processing)
  • Nortel Networks, Ottawa (writing, editing, and publishing handbooks, datasheets, white papers)
  • Object Engineering GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland (editing English versions of technical papers and websites)
  • PACE, Ottawa (communications consulting)
  • Parmic Inc., Ottawa
  • Priassi Design, Gloucester
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ottawa
  • Revenue Canada, Taxation (developed and delivered courses)
  • Ross J Slade Industrial Design, Ottawa
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ottawa
  • Prelims Press, Nepean (published children's book)
  • Security 24 Ltd., Ottawa
  • Securityhouse, Ottawa
  • Senstar Corporation, Kanata(sales manual, installer's manual, owner's manual)
  • Shaw Communications, Nepean
  • SHL Systemhouse Inc. (acquired by (subcontracted for database design)
  • Sincar Typesetting, Nepean (subcontracted to numerous clients)
  • Sogestran Inc., Ottawa (published French language datasheets for Volvo)
  • Synaptics, Montreal
  • Synerlogic, Ottawa (standards manual for CMHC)
  • Systems Network, Ottawa (subcontracted to develop 8 computer courses)
  • The Harmony Foundation, Ottawa
  • Tim Hanrahan Photographer, Toronto
  • Trans Canada Model Distributors Ltd., Ottawa
  • Transportation Safety Board, Ottawa
  • University of Ottawa A/V and Repro Services, Ottawa
  • Wheeler/Douglas Associates, Ottawa
  • World Media Institute, Ottawa
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