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Eton Systems anti-malware measures

This page is provided to inform you of the measures Eton Systems takes against spam, spammers, and malware.

We do not allow our mail server to be used to deliver spam. We do not accept mail that can be positively identified as spam. We firewall entire netblocks if they attempt to defeat any of our anti-malware measures


I sent email to you and it came back telling me to come here. Why?

There are several possible reasons:

You sent your mail through a server which has been listed on one of the Realtime Block Lists (RBLs) that we use to screen incoming mail. RBLs identify servers that have been declared "open relays", "open proxies", "dialup blocks", or "known sources of spam".

You sent your mail to an address that is a spamtrap. Spamtraps are fake addresses. If our mail server finds one of our spamtrap addresses in your mail it rejects it. For example, the following links are fake. Mail you send to any of these addresses will be treated as spam regardless of its contents.

You sent your mail from an address that we have block listed. (This is QUITE rare.) Please note that having your address block listed does not necessarily mean you have done anything wrong. However, mail from your address has been causing our mail server problems, and the only way we could solve the problem was to block list your address.

The headers or body of your email matched one of our spam filters. All incoming mail is spam filtered. It is rejected if the headers or body are suspicious. The bounce message indicates the type of problem detected.

We ALWAYS bounce mail. We NEVER just discard it without notifying you.

How to be removed from a block list:

The RBLs that we use change from time to time. The error code returned in your bounced mail includes a link to the RBL where you can see why it was rejected. We DO NOT control these RBLs in any way.

If your mail server has been declared an offender by an RBL, you must have it removed from the RBL database before we can accept mail from you.

If you are an innocent end user whose ISP runs an offending server the only options open to you are to ask your ISP to repair their server, use a different ISP, or use a web-based email service.

If you are an ISP running an offending server, please request removal from the RBL operator.

How to get off our private block list:

If your mail bounced because you sent it to one of our spamtraps ... stop using that address! If your email address is block listed, send us mail from a different address or use the webmaster contact form. Be sure to include the block listed email address in your comments.

How to contact us:

If you are on a block listed server, you cannot send us mail. To notify us of a problem, please use the webmaster contact form. Be sure to include a valid email address if you want a reply.

Note to postmasters and abuse admins:

Our mail server will deliver mail to "postmaster" and "abuse" regardless of the source.

Page last modified on October 21, 2021, at 04:55 PM