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Ham Radio Operators at CSM 2019

The Canadian Ski Marathon for 2019 will run on February 9th and 10th. As in 2018, the CSM will use commercial digital radios for health&safety and for logistics (OPS) traffic. Health&safety services will be provided by a commercial supplier (Groupe Montagne Explore) and they will have their own net on a different channel from OPS traffic. OPS traffic includes checkpoints, ADMIN-1, ADMIN-2, propane trucks, water trucks, transport vans, road crossing crew, chip team, and Gold Camp.

However, the CSM still needs the skills and knowledge of ham operators to run a controlled net on the commercial rigs for OPS traffic. Where equipment or environmental factors make the commercial rigs difficult or impossible to use, 2M ham radio will be used as a backup.

To comment or volunteer, please send an email to Harrie Jones, VE3HYS or to Neil Herber, VE3PUE

If you worked on previous marathons, this year counts towards your years of service to the CSM.

But This Isn't Ham Radio! (you say to yourself...)

The commercial radios must be used for all "official" CSM traffic, but you are free to use your own ham equipment for other traffic. For example, you might use handy-talkies to talk with others at your checkpoint. If you are working at a checkpoint, you should test your ham backup radio with a local repeater before the checkpoint is active. Just remember that there is no formal net or agreement for the CSM to use ham bands or repeaters.

The important point is that the CSM needs people who are skilled at operating on a controlled net. Those are ham skills.

But I am Not a Ham

Because the CSM is using commercial radios, you do not need to be a licensed ham to operate them. However, it would be best if you were experienced in working on a controlled net (military, police, etc.)

But I am Busy That Weekend!

Well, maybe next year? Would you be willing to pass this info on to other operators you know? Perhaps your local club ... ? Thanks!

Trail Routing the Same as 2018

Here is a quote from the CSM President's special message (see for full message)

Due to the great popularity of the Northern Trail route introduced in 2018, the 2019 CSM will again travel from south of Mont Tremblant to Montebello on Saturday and then the traditional Montebello to Lachute route on Sunday. The trail and snow qualities were outstanding last year and allowed for an superb ski experience on all sections. Learning from this first Northern trail experience of last year and listening to your feedback, we are making slight enhancements to this route for an even better ski experience this year on both days.

Routing details are on the Maps page.

Bye-bye Barcodes!

Here is another quote from the CSM President's special message (see for full message)

To further enhance your CSM 2019 experience, we’re introducing a skier chip system. It will make checking in and out of checkpoints faster and seamless and help us better safeguard skiers. During the event it will permit your friends and family, via a web application, to know when you checked in and out of each section as you make your way through the course. The new chip-based system is also providing cost savings to the CSM as our current bar code scanning system required an expensive hardware upgrade for a system that is out dated.

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Sylvain Parent?28 September 2018, 13:25

Thanks Neil for featuring the CSM on your site! And thank you also for your many years of volunteering to the CSM, it is people like you and many, many others that make this event possible to the benefit of the ski community. Thank You.

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