CSM 2019 Ham Volunteer List

Hi! Thanks for thinking of volunteering for CSM 2019. If you need info about the event, then click here to go to the CSM 2019 Radio Operator's Home Page!



Abbreviated List of Signed up Volunteers

The list below shows PART of each volunteer's record. Click on the volunteer's email address link to see their full record.

Total Records Found: 15, showing 25 per page
First nameLast nameCall signPhotoParticipating?YearsPreferencesAbilitiesCommentsDate Updated
Alan MacPhee VE3ZTU Sure 23 Saturday, Sunday, Mobile mah 2018-12-14
Jocelyn Tremblay VE3JCT, VA2DIY Sure 2 Saturday, Sunday, Checkpoint, Mobile Bilingual, 4x4 equipped for HAM (mast, PowerPoles, 120V, and offroad and safety equipment) Can be assigned at any location, whatever road conditions. 2018-12-02
Hunter Bagby VE3HVB Sure 2 2018-11-19
Marc Pichette VA3DRV Unsure Many Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Net-Control, Mobile Bilingual, Spare-rig(s) 2018-11-14
Jeffrey Arcand VA3PEW No 2018-11-14
Clarence Barnes VA2SLB Sure 36 months or years. I can't remember Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Checkpoint, Mobile, Anything FUN Bilingual, Ski-patroller 2018-10-28
Margaret Tidman VA3VXN, VE3VXN Sure 2009 to present (except 2018) Saturday, Sunday, Checkpoint, Mobile Spare-rig(s) 2018-09-30
Tyler Tidman VA3DGN Sure 2009 to present (except 2018) Saturday, Sunday, Checkpoint, Mobile Bilingual, Spare-rig(s) 2018-09-30
Jamie Cashin VA3JME Sure 7? Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Checkpoint, Mobile 4WD off road truck 2018-09-19
Leonard Chodat VE3LPH Sure 5+ Saturday, Checkpoint, Mobile, can relocate yellow beacon for road work 2018-09-15
Georges Ankenmann VA3LZY Sure 6? Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Net-Control Bilingual, Fully bilingual. I did NetControl for other events. 2018-09-12
Neil Herber VE3PUE Sure 29 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mobile, Admin-2 minimal 😉 Assignments will be fluid until the event ... lots of questions remain unanswered. 2018-09-11
Malcolm Harper VE2DDZ Sure 7 Saturday, Sunday, Checkpoint Experienced CP operator. Rig, antenna, battery, mobile all set up and tested. Backup rig. Not bilingual even though I'm VE2 🙁 2018-09-11
HARRIE JONES VE3HYS Sure A couple CSM-Newbie Get rid of the commercial radios. Ham gear all the way 2018-09-11
Arthur Smith VA3BIT Sure 13? Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Checkpoint, Mobile Spare-rig(s) 2018-09-11