Octoshape Grid Delivery – help pay CNN’s bills!

Did you watch the live streaming video of Barack Obama’s inauguration on CNN’s website? If so, you may have inadvertently helped pay their bills by acting as a source for the feed using the Octoshape Grid Delivery P2P client.

Octoshape Grid Delivery is managed by Octoshape ApS, a company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their client can be installed almost invisibly when you agree to use the Octoshape Grid Delivery enhancement for Adobe Flash Player. But why should you care?

  • Deceptive marketing. Feed still works without it.
  • Cost-shifting to ISPs. Can be a considerable cost to small ISPs.
  • Costs to end users. You may exceed your upload or bandwidth limits.
  • Company policies on outbound traffic. If you watched at work …

See the excellent windowssecrets article where I found out about it. And, yes, it does get installed on Macs!

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